tarlu-logo-wpis a multi-channel logistics company providing fulfilment services for companies from UK and around the world.

  • TARLU provides warehousing and distribution facilities servicing UK, European and all international markets.
  • TARLU’s state-of-the-art inhouse technology ensures its pick and pack and shipping services are streamlined, efficient and cost-effective.
  • Customer Service is available with dedicated telephone number.
  • For companies exporting to USA TARLU offers a local distribution service managed directly from UK.

tarlu-expreswp provides a unique service for companies who require sales and distribution services for the UK and European markets.

  • TARLU EXPRESS makes its own channels available for trade and e-commerce sales.
  • TARLU EXPRESS offers free product listings.
  • TARLU EXPRESS offers free warehousing.
  • TARLU EXPRESS offers free customer service.
  • TARLU EXPRESS can help with developing and managing sales channels such as Ebay branded exclusively for the client.
  • TARLU EXPRESS can assist with specialist product/brand awareness campaigns on AMAZON

State of the Art Distribution Centres

TARLU employs all the latest technology to provide a fast, accurate and efficient inventory management service

Live Access to Your Inventory

Access your inventory data through your own secure portal. Submit order processing instructions via the same route and check their progress. No need for emails or telephone calls backwards and forwards.

We are ready, are you?

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TARLU EXPRESS is a division of TARLU Ltd Registered in England Number 10080954

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