Service Features

  • 99.9% fulfilment accuracy
  • In depth reporting
  • Complete customer transparency
  • Online stock control
  • No charge for promotional inserts
  • ERP system integration available (Brightpearl)
  • Distribution (UK, Europe & Worldwide)
  • B2C & eCommerce fulfilment
  • B2B / Trade fulfilment
  • Subscription fulfilment
  • Promotion fulfilment
  • Outsourced customer services available
  • Quick goods-in
  • Low cost storage
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Product barcode scanning
  • Excellent shipping rates
  • Returns processing
  • Clean and secure warehouses
  • Small, medium and heavy items
  • Bundle/kit preparation
  • Amazon FBA item preparation
  • Amazon Vendor order processing
  • Supplementary services available (repacking, shrinkwrapping, embroidery)

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eCommerce Fulfilment

eCommerce fulfilment is at the heart of the Tarlu operation. All Tarlu staff understand the requirements of being a successful eCommerce sales operation and are committed to satisfying the expectations of eCommerce customers.

  • Postal and courier shipping services available (including tracked, non-tracked, guaranteed next day, timed and weekend delivery service options)
  • Dangerous goods fulfilment supported
  • Direct integrations available for major marketplaces including eBay and Amazon
  • International marketplaces supported (examples include NewEgg, CDiscount and ePrice)
  • Bespoke packaging services supported
  • Organic Certified Warehousing Facilities
  • Shrink Wrapping Services available
  • Barcode verified picking for 100% picking accuracy
  • Satellite warehousing sites dedicated for eCommerce fulfilment supported by low-cost “deep stock” storage.
  • Supporting eCommerce sellers with anything from 1 to thousands of orders a day!
  • Orders received before 2.00 PM (often later) shipped same day! Excellent for achieving top rated seller status
  • Comprehensive returns management services.

To discuss how Tarlu can help you with the logistics of your eCommerce operation please contact us today.

B2B and Trade Fulfilment

Tarlu is able to offer B2B and Trade fulfilment services to its customers. With warehousing space available nationwide Tarlu can ensure never to run out of space for your products.

  • Direct links to Palletline and Palletways network
  • Excellent pallet distribution and general haulage rates provided through our group companies
  • Efficient goods-in (from parcels to containers of any size)
  • Specialist machinery available at its disposal to support the transport of extreme items (i.e. 5 tonne generators for ships)
  • Cranes available through group company Dorset Crane Hire
  • Amazon FBA shipment preparation supported
  • Organic Verified Warehousing Facilities
  • Dangerous goods fulfilment supported
  • Barcode verified picking

Tarlu is able to offer a variety of B2B and Trade fulfilment services to its customers and at excellent rates. With the support of our group companies Tarlu can generally accommodate any logistical requirement that comes our way.

To discuss your B2B and Trade fulfilment requirements please contact Tarlu today.

Fast Track (Cross Docking) Fulfilment

Tarlu provides a Fast Track Fulfilment Service similar to the concept of cross-docking. The Tarlu Fast Track Service is focused towards supporting business operations which require the fast turnaround of products, often in and out on the same day.

Example 1 (eCommerce):

Tarlu provides its Fast Track Fulfilment Service to one client who has over 50,000 SKUs available for sale on any given day. None of these SKUs are held as inventory. Over the course of a day our client receives sales online for products which are then automatically ordered from their suppliers. These suppliers commit to a Next Day bulk delivery to Tarlu’s warehousing facilities. Tarlu will promptly receive the bulk delivery and immediately process all orders and despatch same day all over the world. On this one client account alone Tarlu has processed thousands of orders in one day.

Example 2 (Trade/Freight Deliveries):

Supporting the UEFA Champions League Cup Final in Cardiff Tarlu were responsible for the timely delivery of UEFA Champions League branded PepsiCo products to various delivery points. Tarlu secured the tender based on cost and its logistical abilities nationwide. All areas of the logistical operation were planned weeks in advance with all potential risks reviewed and appropriately mitigated. Every delivery was delivered on time and in perfect condition. The turnaround of products in and out was 12 hours.

If your business requires an efficient turnaround of product (regardless of type and size) then contact Tarlu today to discuss.

Dangerous Goods Fulfilment

Tarlu provides an efficient and accurate fulfilment service to all of its customers. The growth of Tarlu has led us to focus on attacking those areas which other third party logistic companies have thrown on the backburner. The international distribution of dangerous goods is a perfect example of this.

  • Despatch your dangerous goods to Europe from our UK Warehouse!
  • Extremely competitive shipping rates for dangerous goods to Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain … all despatched from our UK warehouse!
  • Despatch your dangerous goods to North America from our Michigan Warehouse!
  • Despatch your dangerous goods to European Countries from our Madrid Warehouse!

Example products supported:

  • After Shaves
  • Aerosols
  • Perfumes
  • Cosmetics
  • Flammable Goods
  • Compressed Air Goods
  • Liquids
  • Batteries (inc. lithium)





If you would like help with the despatch of dangerous goods then please contact Tarlu today to discuss.

Sponsorship Fulfilment

Tarlu provides Promotional and Marketing fulfilment services for companies of all sizes across various industries. It does not matter whether you are looking for an on-going fulfilment service or support on a one-off event or project. Tarlu is geared up ready to help you.

Tarlu already supports multinational companies in this area such as TATA Communications and has very close working relationships with marketing agencies such as FUSE International (Omnicom Group).

Tarlu has previously supported events such as:

  • UEFA Champions League CUP Final 2017 (Cardiff)
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix 2016 and 2017 (Europe and USA)

If you have an event that requires the despatch of any type of goods then please contact us today for further information. We love getting involved in new things!

Dropshipping Fulfilment

Tarlu appreciates that the evolution of eCommerce over the years has changed how businesses operate. With this in mind Tarlu understands the needs of businesses to offer shipping services without having the resources in-house. Tarlu acts as the fulfilment facility for various dropshippers whom traditionally should be storing stock themselves. With our state of the art IT capabilities you can provide a world class fulfilment service to your customers all from the comfort of your bedroom. No hassle and no fuss.

  • Be the warehouse without having a warehouse
  • Make a margin on all shipments, no matter how big or small
  • Open API for direct warehouse management system integration
  • Despatch your customers orders to their end customers world wide
  • Protect your financials with a risk free business model
  • Offer 100% picking accuracy with barcode verified picking
  • Do not worry about managing a team of warehouse staff … we do that for you
  • Benefit from excellent shipping rates
  • Despatch dangerous goods
  • Offer bespoke packaging services
  • Customer branded despatch notes
  • Own branded returns service
  • Offer UK Fulfilment, USA Fulfilment and European Fulfilment from anywhere in the world
  • Let your customers sell and let us take care of the day to day operation

Dropshipping has proven to be a very successful business model for a lot of individuals and companies alike. Tarlu has the skills, experience, IT and people to make it work for you.

To discuss your dropshipping requirements in additional detail please contact Tarlu today.

European Fulfilment

Tarlu provides local a local European fulfilment service to its global customer base through its partner distribution centre in Madrid, Spain. All services are directly managed from the UK with full visibility and transparency provided through its cloud based warehouse management system.

  • eCommerce Fulfilment (including eBay and Amazon)
  • B2B/Trade Fulfilment
  • Dangerous Goods Fulfilment
  • Promotional Fulfilment
  • Cross docking supported
  • Work with start-ups businesses as well as multi-nationals
  • Road distribution services around Europe
  • Air delivery to international addresses
  • Cloud based warehouse management system
  • Local returns

For further information regarding our European fulfilment operation please contact us now.

USA Fulfilment

Tarlu provides local USA fulfilment services to its global customer base through its distribution centre in Michigan, USA. All services are directly managed from the UK with full visibility and transparency provided through its cloud based warehouse management system.

  • Centrally located supporting lower cost shipments
  • Climate controlled and secure warehousing
  • Restricted areas for significant high value goods
  • eCommerce Fulfilment (including eBay and Amazon)
  • B2B/Trade Fulfilment
  • Dangerous Goods Fulfilment
  • Promotional fulfilment
  • Cross docking supported
  • Work with start-ups businesses as well as multi-nationals
  • Marketing advice, print and web design services (USA based only)
  • Local customer service representatives
  • Cloud based warehouse management system
  • Barcode verified picking for 100% picking accuracy
  • Orders placed before 1:00 PM EST shipped same day!
  • Local returns

Our USA operation is able to support the global distribution of products from all industries. Existing industries supported include Games & Toys, Kickstarter Fulfilment, CDs/DVDs/Media, Tech and Electronics, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals and Fashion.

For further information regarding our USA fulfilment operation please contact us now.

Returns Management

Returns management is an important element of any e-commerce operation. Tarlu are able offer a service to fit your particular requirements including from international sales.

We are able to receive, check and where applicable return items into inventory or to yourselves for examination or (under instruction) dispose of in a correct manner.

To discuss your returns management requirements please contact Tarlu today.

Value Added Services

Differentiating itself from other third party logistic operations Tarlu prides itself for being able to cater for customers bespoke requirements. This is difficult to achieve for third party logistic operations due to the financial need to standardise processes wherever possible. Tarlu has no issue in reducing its own profit margins to cater for those businesses who want to pass on a unique offering to their customers.

Tarlu prides itself on being different and we focus on supporting businesses with the same approach as us.

Example Value Added Services include:

  • Facilitating Bespoke Packaging Requirements
    • Hand written customer cards
    • Company branded stickers / labels
    • Coloured tissue paper (presented in line with customer guidelines)
    • Non-standardised infill
  • Embroidery services
  • Tied bowed ribbons with supporting gift messages
  • Kindling
  • Re-labelling
  • Product assembly
  • Product repair services
  • In depth product review return process
  • Retail sales display preparation
  • Shrink Wrapping Services (our services satisfy the requirements for British Airways Flights)

If you have any unique despatch requirements within your business then please do not hesitate to contact Tarlu to discuss.